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Paul Millsap

#4 – Forward · Atlanta Hawks

Eric Gordon

#10 – Shooting Guard · New Orleans Pelicans

US Cryotherapy has the only all natural non-liquid nitrogen products suitable for your recovery. Our home systems have been supporting faster recovery and relief for sports teams and individual athletes for almost a decade. Why? Because faster recovery means enhanced performance. Our transformative technology empowers wellness and enhances performance of athletes at the beginning of their games to the top of their games making any game a better game. There’s no better recovery option than US Cryotherapy. Purchases can be tax deductible if used to assist with earning one’s primary income.

  • Single-room system accommodates up to 12+ treatments per hour
  • 2 persons per session
  • Estimated <$15 per day electrical
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Extended warranty and service options available
  • 110V standard power unit blows cold air temperatures of -34 °F
  • Portable units ideal for home use
  • Practical for sideline and road training room use