Case Studies and Testimonials

In any new alternative healthcare modality skeptics fall back on clinical evidence, or lack of, for not supporting legitimate outcomes.  Our US Cryotherapy team has decades of experience in healthcare, from traditional to alternative.

We understand clinical outcomes and believe in science and its ability to prove truth. Likewise, we understand the value and need for innovation through technology. Why? Because we consistently see the outcomes of science and technology daily through the clients we serve. 

It’s impossible to deny real-life results we’ve seen in close to 1 million treatments one the last seven years.  No other cryotherapy treatment provider matches US Cryotherapy’s commitment to safety, affordability or effectiveness for empowered wellness.

From athletes to chronic pain sufferers to pre- and post-surgery patients, our results prove that electric cold air whole-body cryotherapy is the missing link in fast, effective recovery and healing. Below are just a few of the empowering results we’ve been able to offer our clients. 

Experience relief, recovery and rejuvenation today at one of our 22 locations.

Industry Updates

There has been steady growth of Cryotherapy awareness (Alternative Healthcare) since we (US Cryotherapy) started the industry in 2011 in Roseville, CA. Today, there are Cryo centers in most major cities. Consumers however have not been educated on the two different types of cryo to fully understand the differences. There are US Cryotherapy Centers (22 nationwide by August of 2017) which are complete wellness and recovery centers with whole body walk-in chambers – exposure to the entire body in fresh-air systems using refrigeration technology, and there are many independent Liquid Nitrogen Sauna locations in small boutique spaces. Why expose your body to hazardous gas and trust the misconceptions of higher (or colder) nitrogen temperatures? Why pay outrageous prices for individual partial body treatments? Experience the safest, most clinically substantiated, green, affordable therapy in a wellness center with a proven and trusted service model, available nationwide. Oxygen is good… Nitrogen bad. US Cryotherapy offers localized spot treatments, Hyrdromassage, facial rejuvenation, Normatec compression and other recovery treatments all packaged into a price affording our customers routine visits for Lifestyle changes as opposed to occasionally as a novelty experience. You don’t expect results from the gym twice a month right? We’ve administered over 650,000 treatments (13,000 monthly nationwide) without an adverse incident. More to come on the clinical differences between US Cryotherapy’s whole body (WBC) vs. nitrogen partial body (PBC)……