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US Cryotherapy makes empowering your wellness easy and affordable. We now have even more options tailored to your specific needs, including using your HSA and/or FSA affiliated with your insurance plan.

Process your payment at any of our centers or e-store for any US Cryotherapy wellness plan or service. Using your HSA or FSA at our center is as simple as using any other payment method*.

To avoid the rare instance of any challenges to using your HSA or FSA, consider the following:

  • Check with your insurance carrier to determine if they require documentation for US Cryotherapy treatment eligibility as an expense on your plan.  Some insurance companies require a prescription or letter of medical necessity from your doctor.
  • Check with your tax advisor for any tax deduction questions or concerns as US Cryotherapy does not provide tax advice.
*Please keep in mind, while we can process your payment through your HSA or FSA card, there’s no guarantee the insurance carrier will reimburse you or that you’ll receive the tax deduction.


US Cryotherapy keeps semi-pro athlete on the field

Semi-pro football player Jose Villanueva didn’t know how good he had it when he first experienced US Cryotherapy. At the time, he was injury free, pain-free and competent on the field.

“After that first treatment, I felt amazing,” he said. “Unfortunately, I didn’t follow through. I’m sure things would have been different if I had.”

Fast forward a few years and two injuries.

“I believe my recovery time would have been cut in half had I used US Cryotherapy then,” Jose said of the first injury, a torn achilles that kept him off the field for several months.

His recovery routine for that injury consisted of ice baths and pain medication, which barely touched the pain and did nothing for inflammation, Jose said.

When he injured his knee soon after, Jose decided to empower his wellness and recovery with US Cryotherapy. It paid off, he said.

“With this knee injury – incorporating cryotherapy – I was back out on the feild in two weeks instead of six weeks as doctors predicted,” he said. “That’s because I did the right steps with US Cryotherapy, including consistent whole-body treatments, localized treatments and NormaTec.”

Jose continues to use US Cryotherapy three to five times a week for maintenance, injury prevention and performance enhancement.

“If I didn’t have US Cryotherapy, I would not be the athlete I am right now,” Jose said. “I wouldn’t be on the field today, plain and simple.”


First time? Your whole-body cryotherapy questions answered

Cold air therapy in the whole-body chamber uses dry, oxygenated air, so you won’t experience shivering, goosebumps or other reactions that you might associate with being cold. Because of this technology, unlike an ice bath or immersion, cryotherapy is not painful. In fact, your body will be more mobile and flexible during – and after – your whole-body cryotherapy treatment.


First-time cryotherapy users generally start with a 2-minute or 2 minute 30 second treatment. Treatments longer than 3 minutes 30 seconds aren’t necessary or any more effective. What’s most important is your skin temperature difference post-treatment. A technician will gauge your skin temperature before and after in order to ensure an optimum treatment experience. Individuals, based on BMI and vascularity, respond differently to cold and skin temperatures will vary.


Unlike water or ice treatments, whole-body cryotherapy users experience full range of motion in muscles and joints post-treatment. With ice baths or icing, joints remain stiff for hours after. Even if you don’t like being cold, this process will rejuvenate your body, skin and mind.


Most of our facilities have been fitted with treatment rooms that accommodate two or four people at a time. Often, friends, teammates and family members experience this treatment together, even making their US Cryotherapy visits a part of family time, team-building, date nights and even bonding among co-workers. Our technicians also love joining first-timers and veterans alike for a chamber treatment.


No. The chamber doors are incapable of locking, and you can easily exit the chamber at any time before your treatment ends.


We’ll provide a Cryo Kit for your experience that will include headwear, footwear, a mask and gloves. For optimum treatment, we recommend men wear comfortable shorts and remove shirts or wear tank tops. For women, we recommend comfortable shorts and a sports bra or tank top for maximum skin exposure. Ultimately, what you wear during your treatment is determined by your comfort level and desire for optimum treatment. Our facilities happily provide loaner shorts and tank tops and t-shirts when needed.


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Farmer uses US Cryotherapy to stop the clock

When Erik Freese’s body fails, so does his business. Owning a farm means putting in hours of hard physical labor – whether your body is sore, hurt, in pain or otherwise suffering, Freese said.

“What I do for a living is pretty straining,” Freese said. “In agriculture, you’re constantly lifting, moving stuff in a repetitive fashion and you’re rarely paying attention to proper form, so you’re constantly moving and working in pain after a while.”

Since Erik discovered US Cryotherapy more than a year ago, those sore muscles and chronic pain have been greatly reduced, he said.

“As you do get older, you don’t recover as quickly. Things you used to be able to do, you can’t do as often or as consistent,” said Freese, who recovers through whole-body cryotherapy, localized treatments and TheraGun several times a week. “After a hard day’s work, I hit cryotherapy and it does alleviate those issues. It doesn’t turn the clock back, but it does stop it.”


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US Cryotherapy provides whole body relief, recovery and rejuvenation using the most advanced technology in holistic healthcare and recovery. 


Strong Fitness Magazine: nitrogen vs electric cryotherapy

Strong Fitness Magazine explores the important differences between nitrogen-based cryotherapy treatments and electric cold air whole-body cryotherapy, as offered by US Cryotherapy.

Pick up a copy of the March issue to read more on why choosing US Cryotherapy for your relief, recovery and rejuvenation is the safest and most affordable option in the industry.



Mom of two regains confidence through cryotherapy

After an 80-pound weight loss, Debbie Norton-Johnson wanted to take the next step in her health and beauty transformation. She turned to US Cryotherapy’s unique skin health and beauty treatments, featuring a 6-minute Cryo Rejuvenation Facial, 10-minute Light Stim and Hydro Massage Bed treatment.

“One of the advantages of losing weight is feeling more confident in public,” said 49-year-old Norton-Johnson. “And while my face had gotten smaller, the weight loss did accentuate the small lines and wrinkles.”


Norton-Johnson initially was attracted to the idea of a non-invasive spa-like treatment that used innovative technology. She didn’t expect how immediate – and extensive – the benefits would be.

“I’d always been self-conscious about the dark circles under my eyes and tried over-the-counter creams and had never seen a difference,” said Norton-Johnson. “I hadn’t even thought about the dark circles, but the first thing I noticed when I got home from my first treatment is they were gone.”


Amazed with the results of one treatment, Norton-Johnson signed up for 12 more sessions.

“My skin looks healthy and youthful again and the results have been natural,” she said. “The cryotherapy process has given me confidence.”


Regain confidence and take control of your skin health with our VIP Skin Health and Beauty Special. This exclusive first-time special includes a 6-minute Cryo Rejuvenation Facial, 10-minute Light Stim treatment and 10-minute Hydro Massage Bed treatment. Find a location near you and schedule your appointment today. 

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Take a behind-the-scenes peek at our VIP Skin Health and Beauty treatments.

US Cryotherapy provides whole body relief, recovery and rejuvenation using the most advanced technology in holistic healthcare and recovery. US Cryotherapy’s natural cold therapy treatments are THE difference in health and beauty, healing you from the inside out.





California woman finds relief for skin condition with cryotherapy

One year ago, Kris Oleson walked into US Cryotherapy in Davis, Calif., with her head down and hat covering most of her face.

“My face looked like a stop light,” Oleson remembered.

The cause? A common skin condition that caused extreme burning, redness, sensitivity and discomfort, Oleson said.

Doctors offered creams, ointments, medications. Nothing seemed to work, she said.


And then a fateful trip to Mexico led Kris to US Cryotherapy.

“I had tons of sunblock on, a hat, but my skin just went nuts,” she said. “And then this man came up to me and said ‘Cryotherapy will help you a lot.’ He was an angel.”

Immediately upon returning home, Kris began to research cryotherapy.

“I went to several locations until I found US Cryotherapy in Davis,” she said.

The expertise and warmth of the staff as well as affordability and effectiveness of the treatments had Oleson hooked, she said.

“I was really lucky to have (Cryo technician) Gaby the first time. She had a lot of knowledge, and that gave me a lot of comfort,” she said.


People were astounded by the difference with just five six-minute treatments, Oleson said.

“Immediately, people started saying, ‘Oh my gosh, look how much better you look.'”

Oleson maintains her results through occasional Cryo Rejuvenation Facials.


Take control of your skin and beauty health. Find a location near you and schedule your appointment today. 

Take a behind-the-scenes peek at our Skin Health and Beauty treatments.

US Cryotherapy provides whole body relief, recovery and rejuvenation using the most advanced technology in holistic healthcare and recovery. US Cryotherapy’s natural cold therapy treatments are THE difference in health and beauty, healing you from the inside out.











Compare the Clinical

In our May blog, we discussed differences between the two types of Cryo; whole body walk-in refrigeration (only offered by US Cryotherapy), and partial body (liquid nitrogen saunas) offered in many places around the country.  It’s time to educate on the differences!  Here are the two most common questions we get daily:

1) The Sauna’s are promoted (between -220F to -300F+) That has to be more effective because they are colder than US Cryotherapy walk-in rooms of -150F to -190F, right?  

2) There are so many sauna centers around the country – this must be the most effective, right?  

Our responses:   

1) Temperatures promoted by Cryo sauna operators are “marketing” and misleading.  The saunas use gasiform cooling blowing from the bottom up – which disperses quickly and must be ventilated mid-torso to avoid inhalation.  Actual temperatures inside these tanks (as concluded in a study released in 2017 in the Journal of Thermal Biology by Romain Bouzigon): The authors reported temperatures of approximately −13 °F with a participant inside the cabin and −58 °F in the center of the cabin without a participant inside. These indicate a difference in the temperature of treatment exposure produced by the PBC device (listed from −220 °F to −319 °F) and the actual treatment temperature.  -13F treatment exposure – REALLY? The temperatures cited is of nitrogen at its release point, not that of the treatment temperature. Consumers should demand skin temperature measurements after treatment in the shoulder/triceps for skin temperature reduction validation!   A US Cryotherapy whole body walk-in system is (head to toe), always cold – not cooled from the bottom up during treatment — and is a constant temperature measurement, and we always measure near the Core.  So, I guess that ends that debate – maybe colder is better!

2) There are likely many sauna centers around the country because the equipment is a cheap knock-off version of the systems whole body cryotherapy should be done in.  Many people want to open businesses because they see an emerging trend; it doesn’t make them experts – there are many sub-par clinically equipped operators creating novelty experiences, unfortunately with mounting reports of injuries and claims against these nitrogen systems particularly with forced air burns. US Cryotherapy has grown slowly and organically the right way, with the most advanced services model, customer management and tracking systems, safety and employee training in physiology and customer service. Compare the models yourself – I’m 100% confident you will know the difference after doing so.

Case Studies and Testimonials

In any new alternative healthcare modality skeptics fall back on clinical evidence, or lack of, for not supporting legitimate outcomes.  Our US Cryotherapy team has decades of experience in healthcare, from traditional to alternative.

We understand clinical outcomes and believe in science and its ability to prove truth. Likewise, we understand the value and need for innovation through technology. Why? Because we consistently see the outcomes of science and technology daily through the clients we serve. 

It’s impossible to deny real-life results we’ve seen in close to 1 million treatments one the last seven years.  No other cryotherapy treatment provider matches US Cryotherapy’s commitment to safety, affordability or effectiveness for empowered wellness.

From athletes to chronic pain sufferers to pre- and post-surgery patients, our results prove that electric cold air whole-body cryotherapy is the missing link in fast, effective recovery and healing. Below are just a few of the empowering results we’ve been able to offer our clients. 

Experience relief, recovery and rejuvenation today at one of our 22 locations.