Farmer uses US Cryotherapy to stop the clock

When Erik Freese’s body fails, so does his business. Owning a farm means putting in hours of hard physical labor – whether your body is sore, hurt, in pain or otherwise suffering, Freese said.

“What I do for a living is pretty straining,” Freese said. “In agriculture, you’re constantly lifting, moving stuff in a repetitive fashion and you’re rarely paying attention to proper form, so you’re constantly moving and working in pain after a while.”

Since Erik discovered US Cryotherapy more than a year ago, those sore muscles and chronic pain have been greatly reduced, he said.

“As you do get older, you don’t recover as quickly. Things you used to be able to do, you can’t do as often or as consistent,” said Freese, who recovers through whole-body cryotherapy, localized treatments and TheraGun several times a week. “After a hard day’s work, I hit cryotherapy and it does alleviate those issues. It doesn’t turn the clock back, but it does stop it.”


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