Who are we & what are our competitive advantages?

There are currently 20 US Cryotherapy centers open to the public. We are unlike nitrogen sauna operators or distributors who offer expensive and private novelty treatments lacking our superior focus on customer sustainability, outcomes, and safety.
At US Cryotherapy centers, memberships and unlimited use options average less than the cost of 3-4 treatments at competing providers. Our centers are large capacity locations with a variety of fully complementary treatments to whole body cryotherapy such as targeted cold air treatments, hydro massage, infrared sauna, vibration, compression therapy, deep muscle pulsation, red light therapy, pulse electromagnetic therapy, slimming and toning, and facial rejuvenation treatments. Services vary slightly by center.

You wouldn’t go to the gym a few times and expect a resounding result. Whole body cryotherapy is most beneficial when utilized as a lifestyle supplement, several times per week. We are the only company making that possible and easy for our customers. US Cryotherapy is the brand people know and trust. We offer the Only True Whole Body Cryotherapy centers in the US.

We take care of your recoveries because we take care of every part of the process from utilizing exclusive technology, to building functional user friendly centers, to creating programs for our customers to enhance their quality of life as a routine rather than a single procedure. You can expect the same treatment, outcomes, and service at any US Cryotherapy center from Coast to Coast with the brand consumers trust the most in the industry.

competitive thermo

3 minute exposure comparison of WBC (-166°F) vs PBC (-256°F) Skin Temperature measurements upon exit (and other markers)

Conclusions of the head-to-head study comparing Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC – Electric walk-in chambers at -166°F) to Partial Body Cooling (PBC – Nitrogen saunas a -256°F) were that skin temperature drops in all regions of the body were far more significant in the WBC group. Skin temperature drops are associated with the activation of the Central Nervous System (CNS) and Autonomic Nervous Systems (ANS) causing the release of Anti-inflammatory modulating proteins (norepinepherine) as well as pain modulating endorphines. WBC showed a significantly high (+35%) plasma norepinepherine concentration compared to PBC.

whole body cryotherapy vs partial cryotherapy


Examples of thermograms obtained immediately before (a,b) and after (c, d) a partial-body cryostimulation (PBC) session (Group B) and a whole-body cryostimulation (WBC) session (Group A).


WBC Image


Cryo Sauna Image

A study by Dr Hausswirth, et al. (France), 2013 has compared electric cooled air, walk-in chamber(s) to liquid nitrogen cooled saunas. Conclusions of the study are that WBC (Whole Body Cooling) is much more significant than PBC (Partial Body Cooling) in the activation of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), the system responsible for nerve function and cellular activation. Thermograms below show the measured skin temperature differences from a walk – in chamber (Group A) (-166F) to a cryo sauna (group B) (-256F). 

Outcomes prove that treatment effect is a direct result of uniform skin temperature reductions. WBC was statistically and significantly better in activation of the ANS and as measured by modulation markers in the blood (epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine). Temperature comparisons of the systems are irrelevant. Skin temperature reductions during treatment exposure (measured in the neck, chest, and quadriceps regions) are the markers of treatment benefit.


US Cryotherapy is the only company using safe and reliable refrigerated cooled air instead of liquid nitrogen to treat our customers. This technology is unparalleled, and the only method we recommend backed by the science of WBC. We manufacture and service our equipment here in the USA. Our differences include:

Electric Whole Body Walk-In Equipment

  • 220+ Studies on NIH done in systems
  • Whole Body Cooling
  • Ambient room cooling uniformly
  • Skin temperature measures near the core
  • Fresh Oxygenated air, no gas, whole body
  • Whole Body exposure activates CNS
  • Safety database of 500,000+ treatments with Zero Incidents
  • Multi-person social experiences, clothed
  • Consumer sustainable pricing
  • One company, consistent services nationwide

Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Open Faced Saunas

  • Fewer than 5 studies found using nitrogen saunas
  • Partial Body Cooling
  • Forced Air Cooling from the feet up
  • Skin temp measures near the ankle (if at all)
  • Liquid nitrogen exposure, ventilation required, head/chest out
  • Partial body cooling targets lower extremities
  • Forced air burns, respiratory, light headedness, and other concerns reported
  • Single person, private experience culture, near nude
  • Novelty experience, high price points
  • Multiple independent operators, variable services nationwide


WBC from review of various studies and sources shows two very prominent systemic responses. Once  “Cold Shock” sends distress signals to the brain, the reactivity in the brain is two-fold. First, there is a CNS reaction whereby the hypothalamus directs the endocrine system to release endorphins in vast amounts quickly.  Additionally, cold shock protein (norepinephrine) is released in the brain (said to be twice the average producing levels).  Norepinephrine is a powerful anti-inflammatory protein which inhibits TNF production.

C4 chamber
C1 proshot

The brain then senses rapid heat transfer (hypothermic simulation) due to extreme skin temperature change, thus creating a sympathetic (Autonomic Nervous System) reaction with circulation.  Blood draws from the extremities to the core to protect from heat transfer. This occurs within 30-seconds to one minute of exposure. Blood pooling in the core oxygenates and is enriched with nutrients.

Upon exit of the chamber, as the skin temperature rapidly rewarms, the brain releases the blood supply back to the extremities with a vasodilation estimated to be 3:1. Ironically, over the short duration exposure, there is little change in core temp. This process flushes areas of injury of toxic waste and bad cells replenishing with good blood to stimulate cellular regeneration.  This is the systemic circulation benefit dealing with underlying condition (Regen). This process should not be thought of as comparable to ice or immersion.  It does not have a gradual metabolic effect, it has a rapid thermogenic and peripheral effect with the added chemical release mentioned above.

At US Cryotherapy centers, we complement the systemic whole body cryotherapy (followed by a brief period of re-warming for rapid revascularization) with targeted cold air treatments to a specific injured area.  Again, we flush an area as our devices cool the skin (locally) causing a “run” from the temperature.  This signals the body to hold the blood supply back an additional time (adding to the anti-inflammatory result in an area, followed by targeted delivery of that supply into the area with a considerable depth of penetration (3.5cm measured in two studies done at Illinois State) compared to 2.4 with ice.

The body can be amazing in healing itself. However, with whole body inflammation and chronic conditions, sometimes efficiencies break down. To accelerate recoveries, sympathetic stimulation (implied stress – cold shock) can reset the system while producing excess amounts of very functional and productive hormones and proteins to do their jobs. The effects are multiplied when the body is circulating at a highly productive level with full transport and delivery to all extremities.