hydro massage bed AND vibration plate

Hydro Massage Bed

At some of the US Cryotherapy centers we offer a private room with a novel state-of-the-art hydro massage bed. Enjoy a hands free private massage on this comfortable warm waterbed with relaxing music to complete your cold air treatment experience. Massage is highly recommended to relieve the body of stress and toxins. Nothing better than a warm pulsing bed to relax on following the rejuvenation of your body, skin and mind with our cold air services.


Vibe Plate 00327

Vibration Plate

At some of the US Cryotherapy centers we offer vibration plate treatments (generally 5-10 minutes per session). Vibration technology is being used in elite level training environments for soft tissue stimulation, lymphatic system activation, and joint stress relief. This complements the whole body and localized cold air treatments designed to enhance circulation and accelerate recoveries through clearance of toxins and waste via stimulation of the lymphatic system.