Why TheraGun?

TheraGun is a neuro-muscular treatment that uses precise frequency amplitude, and torque to achieve the most effective percussive vibration therapy to your nervous system, helping muscles activate for faster recovery.

The TheraGun has revolutionized recovery on its own, but combined with US Cryotherapy treatments, there’s no better relief and recovery combination in the industry.

Clients who use TheraGun in their recovery routine report:



Why Therace?

Clients who use Theraface in their recovery routine report:

The launch of Theragun created a new category with percussive therapy, and now Therabody has done it again with a new category of facial health. Introducing the Theraface Pro.

“Theraface Pro goes where no facial device has gone before. Bringing Therabody’s renowned technology behind percussive therapy to your face. But not only percussive therapy, it also incorporates many proven science-backed skin care treatments such as microcurrent, LED light therapy, and hot and cold cryothermal therapy, for the complete care of your face. Facial health incorporates all of those things and it means you look better and feel better as a result of the treatments.” – Founder Dr. Jason

This device is focused on facial health, which is more than skin deep. It includes treatment of the muscles, increasing circulation, as well as, promoting healthy skin. This is what’s so revolutionary about this device and our facial sessions.


A session includes:

Percussive Therapy – The benefit of percussive therapy is that it reduces tension and relaxes facial muscles through a massaging effect. This also helps to increase circulation, reduce facial muscle pain, and it feels great.

LED Light Therapy – Red light, blue light and infrared light therapy are facial treatments that use varying wavelengths of light to stimulate the skin.

Red and infrared light – Red and infrared light helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen and elastin production. It is paired it with percussive therapy for additional benefits of stimulating circulation and releasing tension.

Blue light – Blue light reduces mild to moderate acne by clearing bacteria.

Microcurrent – microcurrent uses low level current to stimulate muscles which
results in tightening toning or contouring of the targeted
area which often leads to the appearance of reduced wrinkles

Hot ring – the heat relaxes, reduces tension, decreases pain, decreases muscle spasms and increases blood flow.

Cold ring – the cold will help decrease pain, inflammation and puffiness.