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true whole body cryotherapy

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the exposure to subzero temperatures with the objective of stimulating a cold shock response, which then starts the body's self-repair process.

Why try Cryotherapy?

Activating your body's self-repair means faster recovery, anti-inflammation, pain management, enhanced mood, skin, and sleep. This is all done Nitrogen-Free at US Cryotherapy.

How can it help you?

Whether you are suffering from pain or looking to improve your lifestyle, cryotherapy is for you. Contact us to book a free consultation and discover what it can do for you!

our Additional services

We offer a variety of core and add-on services for your health and wellness needs.
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Local Cryotherapy being done to client

Localized Cryo

Targeting a specific muscle area or joint directly with cold air for 2-3min to decrease pain & inflammation while improving circulation in the affected area.

Cryotherapy Facial given to a women at US Cryotherapy


Targeting cellular activation and turn over, clearance of toxins, and enhance collagen activation for a fresh tightening look of radiance.

Three customers relaxing back with Normatec Compression Sleeves


Using compression therapy to increase circulation and moving fluid throughout the body to promote faster recovery.

US Cryo technician applying theragun to lower neck of customer


This advanced massage device, breaks up muscle tightness, reduces soreness and restores range of motion in as little as 30 seconds.


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What do people say about us?

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It was cold. Well the chamber was at -120 degrees and you stay in for around 3 minutes! It really did not feel that bad. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. I got one add on treatment as well and did the Theragun on my shoulders. If you are sore from exercise or health issues I highly recommend it!
Kathryn K.
Kalamazoo, MI
My husband and I both did the chamber, facial, NormaTec compression and local. We had so much fun. I haven't laughed so hard as I did in the chamber fooling around to the music. Date night to a whole new healthier level. I'm looking forward to the next visit!
Teresa A.
Murray, KY
Just tried it out for the first time and I was strangely impressed! [..] They play any kind of music you want and you're encouraged to move around to keep warmer. [..]Go with friends as it makes the time go much quicker! The staff are extremely knowledgeable and will explain how and why everything works the way it does...
Becky H.
Kalamazoo, MI

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