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What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the exposure to subzero temperatures with the objective of stimulating a cold shock response, which then starts the body's self-repair process.

Why try Cryotherapy?

Activating your body's self-repair means faster recovery, anti-inflammation, pain management, enhanced mood, skin, and sleep.

How can it help you?

Whether you are suffering from pain or looking to improve your lifestyle, cryotherapy is for you. Contact us to book a free consultation and discover what it can do for you!

our Additional services

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Localized Cryo

Targeting a specific muscle area or joint directly with cold air for 2-3min to decrease pain & inflammation while improving circulation in the affected area.

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Using compression therapy to increase circulation and moving fluid throughout the body to promote faster recovery.

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This advanced massage device, breaks up muscle tightness, reduces soreness and restores range of motion in as little as 30 seconds.

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Facial Rejuvenation

Targeting cellular activation and turn over, clearance of toxins, and enhance collagen activation for a fresh tightening look of radiance.



Whole body infrared light treatment that supercharges cells, boosts mitochondrial activity, improves sexual performance, & produces anti-aging skin benefits.

PemfPulse Center


Induces a flood of electrons to the body’s cells, helping them to function optimally by opening cell membranes.


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What do people say about us?

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Great method for faster post-surgery recovery! Had my 2nd ACL reconstruction in the spring and started going to cryotherapy (with Normatec boots) a few times a week after my portals/wounds had healed up, and I'm 100% sure that doing so helped me recover exponentially faster. The owners, Terran and Tom, as well as all of the technicians, are incredibly helpful and service-oriented. Want a funny conversation? You got it! Want to zone out and watch TV or read a book in the reclining normatec boots before your session? You got it! I always felt better throughout (not just at the knee) after every appointment - a great investment for your health!
Quinn E.
Salt Lake City, UT
First, the owners and the staff Are extremely nice people. Second, they are extremely knowledgeable. And third, I love doing cryotherapy... this place is my go-to-place pre and post Salt Lake City marathon. I feel amazing after doing this race. I live in socal and come to Slc every year for the Slc marathon and US CryoTherapy is where I come after my race. It's also extremely beneficial as part of your everyday ongoing training and recovery regiment. In a nutshell... you need to come to US CryoTherapy.
Steve S.
La Quinta, CA
I can't believe I haven't reviewed this place yet- I was skeptical at first, but I'm seriously a believer. I work out a lot and have a chronic back problem. My back doesn't hurt in the morning anymore and I feel better all over. It took me about a month and a half of going 3-4 times a week to see a real change. Plus, the staff is great! Definitely check it out!
Zoe Z.
Salt Lake City, UT
cryo guy flat

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