Electric vs Nitrogen

US Cryotherapy is the only company using safe and reliable refrigerated cooled air instead of liquid nitrogen to treat our customers. This technology is unparalleled, and the only method we recommend backed by the science of WBC. We manufacture and service our equipment here in the USA. Our differences include:

Electric Whole Body Walk-In Equipment

  • 220+ Studies on NIH done in systems
  • Whole Body Cooling
  • Ambient room cooling uniformly
  • Skin temperature measures near the core
  • Fresh Oxygenated air, no gas, whole body
  • Whole Body exposure activates CNS
  • Safety database of 500,000+ treatments with Zero Incidents
  • Multi-person social experiences, clothed
  • Consumer sustainable pricing
  • One company, consistent services nationwide

Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Open Faced Saunas

  • Fewer than 5 studies found using nitrogen saunas
  • Partial Body Cooling
  • Forced Air Cooling from the feet up
  • Skin temp measures near the ankle (if at all)
  • Liquid nitrogen exposure, ventilation required, head/chest out
  • Partial body cooling targets lower extremities
  • Forced air burns, respiratory, light headedness, and other concerns reported
  • Single person, private experience culture, near nude
  • Novelty experience, high price points
  • Multiple independent operators, variable services nationwide