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FOR RELEASE: June **, 2017

NFL Alumni Association Announces National Partnership with US Cryotherapy

Davis, CA — June **, 2017 — US Cryotherapy and the NFL Alumni Association announced today an agreement in which US Cryotherapy will become an Alumni Association sponsor and provider of Alternative Healthcare services for alumni membership.

US Cryotherapy has been a groundbreaker in the Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) industry in the United States. The company opened its first center in Roseville, CA in 2011. Since that time, the company has expanded its business to include US contracted manufacturing and servicing of proprietary chambers. There are 14 franchising operations now with 8 new openings planned for the next several months.

“We are pleased to partner with the NFL Alumni Association and help treat their members for better health and quality of life improvements,” says US Cryotherapy CEO Kevin Kramer. “We are the only Cryotherapy services company in the US offering whole body treatments in the walk-in non-liquid nitrogen whole body systems. The science behind this treatment concept is based on exposing the entire body; head, chest and neck in an environment of cold air designed to drop skin temperature primarily around the body’s core.”

The NFL Alumni Association is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year and continues to assist and inform retired players and coaches in their post-NFL lives. The Association offers medical, financial, educational and social programs to keep members and their families healthy, productive and connected.

“We are constantly looking for the most advanced new health and wellness related offerings to benefit the quality of life of our members,” said Elvis Gooden, Interim President and CEO of the NFL Alumni Association. “It is our hope that any ex-player dealing with chronic pain, inflammation, range of motion restrictions, mental stress, anxiety or fatigue issues will take advantage of this opportunity to get regular treatments at a US Cryotherapy center nearest them to improve their daily status.”

About US Cryotherapy
US Cryotherapy™ is a cold air therapy & equipment company based in the Sacramento, CA area. They operate Company owned wellness and recovery centers in Roseville, Davis, CA, Scottsdale AZ, and Redondo Beach CA (at Velocity Sports Performance). The Franchising Division currently has 8 open locations with various new centers opening around the country throughout 2017. List of locations: https://uscryotherapy.com/locations-list/ US Cryotherapy introduced Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) to the United States creating the market in 2011, was the first and remains the only company offering whole body, walk-in chamber therapy using no liquid nitrogen for cooling. The C4 systems accommodate up to four people in the chamber per session and are all-electric refrigerated cold fresh air. There are documented advantages in areas of: safety, outcomes, and convenience using US Cryotherapy equipment. US Cryotherapy has become a global leader in WBC having administered more than 600,000 treatments since 2011 in multiple locations throughout the US, averaging an estimated 10,000 customer visits per month across the US and growing, with exceptional safety, service, and customer experience reviews. US Cryotherapy contract manufactures its proprietary equipment in the US and directly sells equipment to various independent medical groups, sports teams, NCAA, and for home use as well.
US Cryotherapy is owned and operated by the Kramer family. US Cryotherapy’s Corporate Offices are located at 1490 Drew Ave, Suite 110 Davis, CA 95618. # 866-279-2796 www.uscryotherapy.com
For more information regarding US Cryotherapy, contact Kevin Kramer – CEO, at [email protected], or call 707-301-7690.

About the NFL Alumni Association
The NFL Alumni Association was founded in 1967 and is the most recognizable nationwide group of former NFL players, coaches, staffers, cheerleaders, spouses and Associate members whose mission is to serve, assist and inform former players and their families. The Association offers a variety of medical, financial and social programs to help members lead healthy, productive and connected lives, as well as community initiatives under its “Caring for Kids” programs. Pro Football Legends is the commercial marketing name and logo of the NFL Alumni.
For more information, please visit www.nflalumni.org.