What is Biohacking and how does Whole Body Cryotherapy fit in?

Without going into great detail, Biohacking is a term being used (mostly by the Millennial Generation) relating to resetting your body and mental balance to get more from it. The concept is to get out of the body what you put into it (nutrition, exercise, and yes…recovery). A big part of the Biohacking premise is based on making yourself feel uncomfortable. It’s the comfort zone which sets in and ultimately deteriorates optimal functionality.

The element of Biohacking I’d like to address is your “comfort zone”. We are pre-conditioned to thermoregulate (living at a constant 75 degrees) by adjusting our layers and surrounding temperatures, that our bodies which were meant to deal with heat and cold stress as a form of regulation and acceleration of function, have broken down in terms of whole body circulation, reducing inflammation, and maintaining steady stream of hormones for mood and energy in the system.

Introducing “Cold Shock”, the new trend of upsetting or resetting the system into greater productivity. That’s what we do at US Cryotherapy with our chambers (along with other wellness and recovery, health and beauty treatment modalities). The process of exposing the body to cold shock, (2-3 times per week recommended), can help your body function better, rid you of chronic systemic inflammation (which leads to disease and immobility), and improve your mood, energy, and sleep patterns. If you’ve not been compelled to experience a US Cryotherapy center as of yet, maybe this will get you out of that comfort zone and start you on the path of loving your body and optimizing its function.