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IN SEARCH OF RELIEF FOR HIS BACK PAIN, LINZIE KRAMER DISCOVERED CRYOTHERAPY –      or cold shock therapy, as it’s commonly known today – on a trip to Europe. With just one treatment, he experienced amazing results. 

Cryotherapy is the use of low temperatures for wellness. It can be used to reduce pain, enhance athletic performance, and rejuvenate the body and skin. The term “cryotherapy” comes from the Greek word “cryo” meaning “cold” and therapy meaning “cure.”

In 2011, inspired to bring relief to others, Kramer and his three sons started the North American cryotherapy industry launching the first US Cryotherapy treatment center in Northern California. “Everything we do is non-invasive and comes with immediate gratification to the user. ‘Cold shock’ stimulates the production of key hormones and proteins to elevate the mood, energy, and break the reception of pain,” says Kevin Kramer, who has represented the family as US Cryotherapy’s CEO since 2013. “The underlying benefit is enhanced systemic circulation, which improves immune function, thwarts inflammation, and promotes wellness.” 

“We’re the only company using refrigerated cooled air instead of liquid nitrogen to treat our customers. It’s a safer and more complete method,” says Kevin. “Nitrogen can cause burns and contains chemical exposure. Our therapies are a greener more effective solution.”

Kramer advises franchisees to promote the business early on. “Building relationships and creating partnerships in the community is essential,” says Kramer. “That’s how we get people through the doors; word of mouth. If you are passionate about helping others recover, then this business should be very fulfilling,” he adds. 

For more information, visit www.uscryotherapy.com


cryo header template meet the team

US Cryotherapy is a family affair. Founders from (left to right): Rob Kramer (COO), Linzie Kramer (deceased), Kevin Kramer (CEO), Todd Kramer (Director of Corporate Operations).

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While receiving a 3-minute treatment in the large (C4) chamber, a customer is moving and stretching while being observed by a technician through the window.

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