US Cryotherapy Celebrates 10-Years in Business With a New Franchise Opening in Sedona, AZ.

The flagship location in Roseville, CA hosts a celebration of 10-years in business on Saturday, May 1 to honor its community and customers.

US Cryotherapy founded the cryotherapy industry back in April of 2011 by opening the first full-service recovery and wellness center of its kind. Over the decade of operations, the business has expanded via company-owned and franchise-owned locations nationwide. The concept of using cold shock therapy (whole body walk-in all-electric chambers) to accelerate and stimulate the body’s natural repair functions came from the hospital clinics in Europe and was brought to the US by the Kramer family in Northern California. Linzie Kramer (1940-2017) was the godfather of the concept for the family with his three sons. There are now hundreds of cryotherapy centers in the US, but US Cryotherapy remains the leading brand using all-electric cold air technology compared with liquid nitrogen cooling competitors.

“We began as a family wanting to bring this technology to the US to help people feel better naturally,” stated Kevin Kramer, CEO. “Our simple plan was to provide faster recovery and better health to customers of all ages and conditions, utilizing the safest most clinically proven technology, and to grow from there to make our services available to people nationwide. There was zero awareness for whole body cryotherapy then, but today, people around the nation seek out these centers to help them recover faster, feel better and live younger,” added Kramer.

(SEDONA, AZ) During the month of its 10-year celebration, the US Cryotherapy system also introduces its newest addition, a franchisee-owned location in Sedona, AZ, located at 164 Coffee Pot Drive, Suite F http://q3z.55e.myftpupload.com/find-a-location/ This new center is now open to the public. “We are excited to see our brand expand into an established community associated with naturopathic and holistic health,” stated Kramer. This new center, like all our locations, captures the essence of our original brand planning through the look and feel, while offering elite recovery services from whole body cryotherapy to localized cold air therapy, compression, deep muscle percussion, red light therapy, and slimming and toning.


Corp Anniversary

“We have successfully and safely treated millions of people since 2011 with an industry leading focus on customer care and improved outcomes,” stated Kramer. “No other brand comes close to the volume or value we have established.” In addition to the retail treatment centers nationwide, US Cryotherapy services are featured in dozens of professional sports training rooms (NBA, NFL, NHL) as well as high-end medical spas and alternative wellness facilities like Equinox Resort, Big Horn Country Club, NextHealth, Remedy Place, XSport Fitness, among many others. “Looking back there remains a huge growth and expansion opportunity for new locations and awareness, but we feel very satisfied that a family of four original owners grew this brand and Industry with no outside investments,” continued Kramer. “We look forward to celebrating this accomplishment on Saturday while we plan the next decade of growth to help more people recover faster and live life pain and inflammation free.”

About US Cryotherapy: US Cryotherapy™ is a cold air therapy & equipment company based in the Sacramento, CA area. They operate company-owned wellness and recovery centers and a Franchising Division (http://q3z.55e.myftpupload.com/find-a-location/) with various new centers in development. US Cryotherapy introduced Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) to the United States creating the market in 2011. US Cryotherapy was the first and remains the only company offering whole body, walk-in chamber technology using no liquid nitrogen for cooling. There are documented advantages in areas of: safety, outcomes, and convenience using whole body walk-in systems compared to liquid nitrogen gas-cooled systems. US Cryotherapy has become a global leader in WBC having administered more treatments since 2011 than any provider, with impeccable safety, service, and customer experience reviews. US Cryotherapy utilizes a contract manufacturer for its proprietary equipment in the US and directly sells equipment to various independent medical groups, sports teams, and for home use. Visit www.uscryotherapy.com For more information.