Vibration Plate Technology 

Vibration Plate Technology 

 At some of our cryotherapy centers we offer the latest in advanced vibration plate technology. This cutting-edge technology is used by top athletes and professionals to enhance soft tissue stimulation, activate the lymphatic system, and reduce joint stress. Through the use of vibration plates, athletes and professionals can achieve faster recovery times and eliminate muscle knots and cramps. 

What Is a Vibration Plate? 

A vibration plate is a specialized device that uses oscillating vibrations to stimulate muscles, joints, and the lymphatic system. This type of therapy has been used for decades as an effective tool for improving musculoskeletal conditions.. 

How Does It Work?  

Vibration plates work by creating high-speed oscillations that send waves throughout your body. These waves create small contractions in your muscles which help to increase blood flow and activate your lymphatic system. The increased circulation helps to flush out toxins from your body while also improving flexibility and range of motion. Additionally, this type of therapy can help to reduce swelling in joints by stimulating the lymphatic system’s ability to drain excess fluid from the area.  

Benefits of Using Vibration Plates  

The benefits of using vibration plate technology are numerous. Not only does it help athletes recover from injuries faster but it also helps them stay at peak performance levels longer than ever before.

Other benefits include improved circulation, enhanced flexibility and range of motion, reduced inflammation in joints, improved sleep quality, reduced stress levels, improved balance & coordination skills, increased strength & endurance levels, increased range of motion in shoulders & hips, and decreased risk of developing osteoporosis or other bone density issues.  


Vibration plate technology is revolutionizing sports performance and rehabilitation all over the world. By utilizing high-speed vibrations to stimulate muscles and activate the lymphatic system this cutting-edge technology provides an array of benefits including improved circulation and joint health; enhanced flexibility and range of motion; reduction in inflammation; improved sleep quality; improved balance and coordination skills; increased strength and endurance levels; decreased risk of developing osteoporosis or other bone density issues; plus many more! 

If you’re looking for a way to maximize your performance or aid with rehabilitation efforts then consider trying vibration plate therapy today! Check and see if the US Cryotherapy near you offers this technology.