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US Cryotherapy opened its doors to the public on April 13, 2011. The first of its kind cold therapy treatment center in the US offered a unique new way to cool and treat a person’s body. Since that time, US Cryotherapy has expanded to four company owned treatment centers (adding Davis CA, Scottsdale AZ, and Redondo Beach CA at Velocity Sports Performance). The company manufactures its own refrigerated cold air chambers with a partner in the Greater Sacramento Area. US Cryotherapy directly sells equipment to individuals, entities, professional and college sports teams, and operates a Franchise Division with 10 currently open locations and dozens more in the buildout stages around the country.

  • US Cryotherapy is privately owned and operated by the Kramer family. CEO – Kevin Kramer, CFO – Rob Kramer, Director of Operations – Todd Kramer
  • US Cryotherapy’s Corporate offices are located at 1490 Drew Ave, Davis CA 95618. 866-279-2796
  • For more information regarding US Cryotherapy, contact Kevin Kramer – CEO, at [email protected], or call 707-301-7690